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Where We Are

Probably the best location in Spain
The Casa Blanca B&B is located in the small village of Genoves, (pop 3,000) in the heart of Inland Valencia - probably the most beautiful, historic, exciting and relatively undiscovered province of Spain.

There are many towns and villages to explore in this neck of the woods, most will have something to catch the visitors eye.

The village of Genoves manages to mix its traditional heritage, and the qualities of the of the 21st century, sporting a new gymnasium, library, auditorium, indoor swimming pool, and astro turf football ground, thus making it the envy of villages, far and wide. Genoves is also the birthplace of retired world champion pelota player Paco Cabanes "El Genoves"

Only 3km away is the ancient and beautiful medieval town of Xativa, (listed as an historic complex), and was home to Europes fist ancient paper mill.

Xativa was the birthplace of José de Ribera (1591), known as "El Espanoleto (the little Spaniard), whose works are widely acclaimed and feature in many international galleries and museums.

Xativa was also the birthplace of Rodrigo Borgia (1431) who became the infamous "Pope Alexander VI" in 1492. The Borgia name became a byword for libertinism and nepotism. However, Alexander VI is feted as having considerable skills as a diplomat, politician and civil administrator.

As well as history, Xativa has a "tourist train" to explore the ancient Moorish castle dominating the town; there is also vibrant night life for those who can stand the pace, romantic restaurants, and numerous cafes and bars.

The ruins of a castle that once housed 2,000 soldiers, dominates the pretty village, and is the perfect spot for a picnic, the picnic area has lovely views of the valley below, be sure to get a shady spot, as you will need it in the summer. 

The village of Anna has a very pretty natural lake with boating and fishing, at various spots around the lake there are cafes and restaurants. For the more adventurous there is also another small very deep pond/lake with a waterfall, and high diving board.

A Little Further Afield - City of Valencia
, third largest City in Spain, and only 45 minutes by train.

Valencia offers a heady mix of antique and new, there is so much to see and do. This is just a very short list.

Plaza de la Virgen: Is the picturesque emblem of the Old Town: the Basilica de la Virgen, the back portal of the Cathedral and the monumentall Palau de Generalitat

The Cathedral: The religious centre of Valencia. It is a spectacular hybrid of styles, from Gothic to Baroque and Neo-Classical, with 3 portals to suit each style.

Torres de Serranos:  Authentic Gothic city gates from XIV century, this structure (along with Torres de Quart) is all that is left of the walls that used to encircled Valencia's city centre.
The Port: Is a real emblem of today's Valencia - the old and the new. Atmospheric old docks, ultra-modern America's Cup Port complex and great sea views.

The City of Arts and Sciences: The undisputed King of Valencia's sight-seeing, the Space Age Wonder of the World, the City of Arts and Sciences is truly a city within a city.

How To Get To The Casa Blanca B&B
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Any web search for "Flights England to Valencia" or  "Flights England to Alicante" will bring up a host of results, we have tried to make it a little easier for you by giving direct links to some of the more popular airlines.

Both Alicante and Valencia Airports have various car hire agencies at their airports, and it is usually very easy to hire and return cars. However, we always like to book our hire car at the same time we book our flight, that way we know exactly what papers are needed, and no nasty surprises.

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