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Most people, when looking for a holiday want to know the price before getting their hopes up on a destination they can't afford. My wife and I are no exception, so our prices have been calculated accordingly.

We do not have a High or Low Season tariff!

The introduction of a high and low season was originally intended to entice people to holiday out of season, (low) when business was slack, and at a reduced price, the hoteliers and holiday makers were both happy.

We may be cynical, but we now believe things have gone full circle, it now appears that the low season price is the standard, and people are penalised (with a price hike) when holidaying in the high season.  People with children are especially hit hard, not able to take their children out of school, and paying inflated airline and hotel prices.

I repeat “We do not have a High or Low Season tariff” 
Our very competitive price list has been worked out on a depreciating sliding scale.

The longer your stay, the more you will save.
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Simple Example
Should be £42 a night = £294 You save £44 week 1 - £44 in total
Should be £42 a night = £294 You save £98 week 2, - £142 in total
Should be £42 a night = £294 You save £119 week 3, - £261 in total
£8 a night 1st week
£6 a night 2nd week
£12 a night 1st week
£10 a night 2nd week
£6 a night 3rd week
£10 a night 3rd week

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Equipment charges are for the duration of your stay, not by the week